I bought my new build property 2017 which has a large garden. I never had the time to renovate the garden & could not settle on any ideas on what to do. After 3 years I decided it was time to invest some time & energy into my backyard & start finally having BBQs & garden parties.

Initial Quote-

After contacting 5 companies, I decided, in the end, to go with Stone Made Drives. Mike & his team in our first meeting came to inspect the garden & quoted me on the design I had in mind which was good value & on point. But like any good tradesman who is experienced recommended me more ideas & options that I did not take into account. Over a few days via email, he came up with the look, style & layout of the garden all at an unbelievable price that I would not have imagined. The response time was fast and to the point with images and pictures to make sure I knew exactly what to expect.

  • Initial Communication was 10/10
  • Recommendations & options given 10/10
  • Response time 10//10
  • Creativity 10/10
  • Understanding of requirements 10/10

Construction Work –

Mike and his team split the contrition into two phases. The first would be the patio and the other would be the turf/garden level held up by sleepers.

The first phase of the work was a shock to look at. The whole backyard was dug out by a digger and looked like a bomb site. Over just 3 days the foundations were laid and slabs placed down. The patio looked absolutely amazing. I actually checked the materials used myself online and from the slabs to the jointing used all were of high quality. Even the Indian sandstone slabs used were far better than I expected.

After about a month, the second phase of the turf and sleepers was constructed. The turf was already beautifully green when they came and the sleepers gave a really nice natural look. At the end of the garden, a huge bag of colourful gravel stones was used to create a pathway around the sleepers. The material used was of all high quality and workmanship was more than I expected. The whole job was over 4 days with not much input from me.

Throughout the whole project, Mike updated me of what the status was and what was pending. The whole process was professional and surprisingly with no problems. In my experience problems are something to be expected with you taking on a big build project.

Once the whole project was over and inspected, Mike left with all equipment and mess left around. I was left with a transformed garden that is the envy of so many. I never expected my back yard to turn out to look this good. I’ve had many BBQ’s and visitors who all comment about how great it all looks.

  • Fast and Quick.
  • High-quality materials were used (Which I checked).
  • I was kept in the loop through the construction.
  • Cleaned up all mess before leaving.
  • Mico-managing was not required

Payment & After service

Payment was made in instalments as the job got done. There were no problems when it came to payment and work being carried out. Mike came back after some time to take a look at the patio to see if there were any problems that would occur later but everything was in tip-top condition.

This review is being posted 4 months after the job has been completed and there have been no problems at all. After months of rain, frost and tons of people standing and running over the patio and grass, everything is still looking like it was brand new.


I would highly recommend Stone Made Drives if you need:

  • Ideas on patio/garden design.
  • Recommendations on materials to use.
  • Looking to get a job done in a limited time frame.
  • A team that believes in their craft and what they do.

Mike and his team got on with the whole project perfectly. I did have doubts and worries but there is a reason why they have good reviews and why I picked them in the first place. They say what they do.